Your personal wireless lighting system

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LED bulbs

Long life, instant full brightness, and energy efficiency

Voice control

Hands-free lighting adjustment

Wireless connection

Easy installation and mobile lighting controls

Vivint app integration

Turn lights on/off and adjust dimming from the Vivint Smart Home app

Lighting groups

Coordinate rooms, floors, or an entire home

Custom lighting rules

Set lights to switch on and off when you want them to

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Soft White

Light output

840 lm @ 2700K


9.5 W

Required products

Philips Hue Bridge

Bulb life

25,000 hrs

Communication protocol



iOS 8.0+ or Android 2.3+

Click here to learn more about the Philips Hue product line.

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Speak and your
smart lighting listens

Combine Philips Hue smart light bulbs with voice control devices like Google Home, or Amazon Echo into a really bright idea—lighting that listens. Then, whether it’s movie night with the family or a quiet night at home, you can create a softer mood with just the sound of your voice.

A seamless system to control everything from one place

Vivint Smart Home makes your Philips Hue lighting work in conjunction with your entire smart home system. With the intuitive dashboard of Vivint SkyControl Panel or the 4.5-star Vivint Smart Home app, you can lock up, arm security systems, and turn the lights out all from one place.

Let your smart lighting carry the torch while you're gone

Philips Hue bulbs with Vivint Smart Home controls gives you the power to turn the lights on while you’re off traveling. Just set custom lighting rules to create the appearance that you’re home, then go ahead and hit the road. Your home will carry the torch while you’re away.

Set your lighting to
welcome you home

Philips Hue makes Vivint Smart Home even brighter. Smart lighting lets you create a home that’s savvy to when you need a hand. With full smart home integration you can set Philips Hue lighting to switch on when you unlock the door. Enjoy the welcome home.

Intelligent Illumination.

Vivint Smart Home App

Control the lights in your home from your smartphone.

Custom Lighting Rules

Set lights to switch on and off at specific times.

Wireless Connection

Easy installation and mobile lighting controls.

Voice Control

Adjust lights using voice commands when you add a smart speaker to your Vivint system.

Manual Control Button

Front button on the lamp module for manual on/off control.

Z-Wave Compatible

Works with Z-Wave devices.

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At home and away.

Forgot to turn off the lights on the way to work? Get them from your phone. Switch on the kitchen lights when you pull into the driveway. Turn off all the lights in your house with one touch on your way to bed. Access your lights from anywhere in or outside your home using the Vivint Smart Home App, your Vivint Smart Hub, or Vivint Glance Display.

You make the rules.

Custom lighting rules help make your home safer and more efficient. Confuse would-be intruders with motion-activated lights, save energy by turning lights off when you're away, or make sure the lights are on when you arrive home from work with lighting schedules. You choose what works best for your home.

No need to get up.

Seems like your hands are always full—making dinner, helping kids with homework, or settling down with a good book. Sometimes you just don’t want to walk across a room to flip a switch. The Vivint Lamp Module works with smart speakers integrated into your system, so you can effortlessly control your lights with the sound of your voice.

Professional installation from Smart Home Pros

Include Philips Hue smart lighting with Vivint Smart Home services to get the white-glove experience of professional installation. Smart Home Pros will integrate your smart light bulbs into your smart home system to ensure hassle-free performance.

Another bright idea
for smart homes

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