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Moisture Monitoring

Detects leaks and standing water.


Alerts you to the presence of water or freezing temperatures.

Temperature Monitoring

Detects freezing temperatures.

Tamper Alerts

Get notified when sensors are disturbed.

Wireless Convenience

Battery powered for versatile placement.

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2.5” h x 2.5” w x 1” d


345 MHz

Operating temp limits


CR123A 3V lithium battery

Battery life

3-6 years

Relative humidity

5-95% non-condensing

Protection plan

Free replacement for defective hardware if subscribing to a Vivint service plan. (May require a separate site visit fee.) For product defects only. Does not include product failure due to abuse, normal wear and tear, acts of God, etc. as determined by a Smart Home Pro.

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Catch problems early on.

Know when your home is at risk from water or freezing temperatures no matter where you are. Receive notifications through the Vivint Smart Home app when water levels rise or when the temperature drops in your kitchen, garage, basement, or bathroom giving you time to prevent serious damage to your home.

Be the first to know.

Ever dealt with the messy aftermath of a leaky dishwasher, bathtub, or flooded basement? An unnoticed leak or standing water can wreak havoc on your house. Water Sensors let you know immediately when water appears where it shouldn’t be to help you minimize damage and avoid extra repair costs.

Too cold is not a good thing.

Use Water Sensors to ensure your pipes don’t freeze and burst. With Water Sensors you’ll get notified when temperatures in your home are dangerously low—helping you avoid costly damage to pipes, floors, furniture, and appliances for starters.

Professional installation.

Our certified Smart Home Pros meet with you one on one to customize your smart home, install it for you, and make sure you know how everything works. You’ll avoid DIY headaches and costly mistakes with professional installation. And our job’s not done till you feel confident using your new smart home.

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