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Connects you to what really matters

Top-rated smart home app

Rated 4.5-stars on the App Store and Google Play.

Custom alerts and notifications

Alerts and notifications delivered straight to your mobile device so you always know your home is safe.

Convenient home security controls

Arm your smart home from anywhere with the tap of a finger.

Be at home even when you're out

Check the live video feed from cameras around your home while you're on the go.

Mobile climate controls

Lets you adjust climate control settings from anywhere.

Intelligent home automation

Your Vivint smart home uses sensor input to automate and manage your smart home.

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Custom actions that follow your lead

Set up rules and have notifications sent straight to your smartphone to stay informed and in control with the Vivint Smart Home app. Automatically lock the doors at a certain time every night, or get notified if someone opens a window while the air conditioner is running.

Remote access for complete control on the go

Keep full smart home controls with you wherever you go. Be home, even if you're on the other side of the world—use the app to see and talk to visitors through the doorbell camera, unlock the door for delivery people, then lock the door behind them.

Record, filter, save, and share.

Add Vivint Playback to the Vivint Smart Home App for easy access to 30 days of continuous video coverage from your Vivint cameras. Monitor your home’s live feed, or review footage from the past month—all from the same app you use to manage lighting, thermostats, and alarms. Playback includes the Smart Clips feature, which helps you quickly filter through footage and narrow in on specific moments.

Automates comfort and efficiency

Vivint uses built-in machine learning feature to automate your home’s temperature settings by tracking geolocation and your in-home sensors. Your system learns when you’re home, asleep for the night, or out of town, and conserves energy while optimizing your family’s comfort.



Activity Feed

Vivint Playback

Individual accounts for everyone in the family

Share the benefits of the Vivint Smart Home app with your household by creating multiple user accounts for each family member. Create permissions and decide on limits for each user to keep the kids from fiddling with the thermostat or changing rules and notification settings.

Smart Clips to save and share the important moments

Don't waste time searching through every second of your security camera feed for a specific moment. Use Smart Clips to find what you’re looking for. Show off your kids’ dance moves or the dog’s newest trick with 20-second video clips you can watch right on your mobile device.

Activity Feed keeps you informed

You can always see what's going on at home by checking the Vivint Smart Home activity feed—you can even apply filters or search exact date ranges to find a specific notification. Know when the kids get home every day, or double-check that you haven't missed a delivery.

30 days of 24/7 video footage with Vivint Playback

The Vivint Smart Home app works hand-in-hand with Vivint Playback, providing easy access to 30 days of continuous video from your Vivint cameras. Monitor the live feed of your home, or review the past month—all from the same app you use to manage lighting, thermostats, and alarms.

When you need to know.

Stay informed with the Vivint Smart Home activity feed. Check in to see what’s going on, day or night. Keep track of day-to-day action around the house—know who comes and goes, or double-check to make sure you haven’t missed a delivery. You can even apply filters to get only info you want, or search date ranges to find a specific notification.

Professional installation from Smart Home Pros

Smart Home Pros will install your smart home system and link it to your account in the Vivint Smart Home mobile app.

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